Wi-Fi Matter Pre-Burned DAC Module

Matter uses a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based security model to verify device legitimacy by tracing the certificate chain of the device's DAC certificate.The DAC is an indispensable link in the process of designing and mass-producing Matter devices, and is required for every mass-produced Matter device.If the DAC is missing, the device vendor cannot complete the mass-production shipment even if it passes CSA Matter certification. Without the DAC, device manufacturers will not be able to ship mass-produced Matter devices, even if they have passed CSA Matter certification.

Feiteng Cloud provides pre-burned-in DAC modules, which have been pre-burned in the factory, and can be used to develop and certify Matter products and legally access the Matter ecosystem.

Tasmota Matter power metering module

Tasmota Matter is an open source firmware, but the official Tasmota Matter firmware uses a test DAC and certificates for test use only.

Feiteng Cloud provides users with commercially available Taskmota Matter open source sockets based on Tasmota Matter open source firmware, using Feiteng Cloud DACs as well as socket certificates.